Hirschkrah is an experience. A drink. A legend. Our task was to spread its word among the people. Hirschkrah is a gift from the forest, therefore we knew that the best way is to design the original set of giveaways. After long sessions of brainstorming we created three personas, our targets, and designed three sets of giveaways in different price ranges.

What you see are tailor-made concepts respecting the Hirschkrah brand identity, Austrian culture and lifestyle. Designed in team with Charlota Blunárová, Magdalena Schlosserová and Deyan Kolev.

The work is a vision made by graphic design students. Hirschkrah is originally a cooperation project between Michael Ferner & Distillerie Franz Bauer GmbH.

  • Type: School Project
  • School: Salzburg University of Applied Sciences
  • Supervisor: MIAM MIAM Konzept & visuelle Gestaltung
  • Year: 2015