The goal of Little Sun Competition 2015 is to design a small solar-powered light that will be produced and distributed globally, gaining broad exposure for the winning idea as well as creating a definite social impact. Special focus will be placed on the idea’s creativity – the organisers encourage students to push their boundaries while designing a brighter future for everyone.

The Natural Light competition will not only provide light to communities that need it the most, but will also raise awareness about sustainable energy and encourage innovation.


During the brainstorming phase I asked questions as:

  • What is our target group?
  • How does a typical environment look where the product will be distributed?
  • Can we design a feature that will extend the use of product, despite its low manufacture costs? (Customization, versatility)
  • Can the product inspire (to be more social, to share, to have fun, to help?)



The result was a solar light inspired by natural source of light – a fire. Long time ago people often gathered around it and talked – why not to inspire for such moments again?

Designed for kids and including one extra feature for more fun together!




  • Type: Personal Project
  • Purpose: Little Sun Competition 2015