Splash is a window cleaner which sticks on windows and cleans them. It is recharged inductively through glass and designed to overcome obstacles. It can work in groups and glows at night.

Speaking of urbanisation and urban living, Splash brings you the way of cleaning that is truly effortless. Modern buildings gradually give more use to glass materials. That is where this device finds its use. Windows and glass surfaces will not be washed, they will be Splash-ed. When placed on a suitable surface it firmly sticks on it, scans the area, makes virtual map and finds the most effective way to clean it. Move is provided by little suction bags working similarly to a caterpillar principle. Even on a single window, but mostly on larger glass areas this device finds its way to clean every centimetre, corner to corner thanks to its unique shape. Frames and gaps mean no border to Splash, its construction allows it to easily overcome them by switching off certain groups of suction bags and moving the front part of its body up and down. Recharging is based on magnetic induction everytime this device docks over charging station, which is placed in the corner of window from the inside. On larger buildings many Splashes may be used. In such situations, devices are able to communicate and cooperate, making the cleaning process even more effective. These devices are mostly active at night. So when the sun goes down, the LEDs go on and the colorful theatre begins.

  • Type: Personal Project
  • Year: 2013
  • Purpose: Electrolux Design Lab 2013
  • Rank: Best 100 Concepts